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April 13, 2011

French Advise People to Avoid Milk and Some Food

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A French research agency is advising pregnant women and children to avoid milk, rain water, and certain foods for fear of radiation contamination. The radiation levels measured are high enough to be dangerous according to them. Similar finding have been reported in America, though no safety concerns have been voiced by the government. People need to research this themselves and decide whether to drink contaminated milk and water or not. The truth is that no level of ingested radiation is safe. Exposure to radiation is one thing, but ingesting radiation is another. I used to work in the nuclear industry. We were very careful not to ingest radioactive particles. once inside your body, the radiation is released constantly until the particles die out, which can take a lifetime. Imagine being in a low level X-ray for the rest of your life. I will keep you posted on this.
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April 11, 2011

Blind Man Sees Radiation Trouble in America

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There is a lot of misinformation, lack of information, and outright cover-up about the radiation problems in Japanand how that might impact AmericansIn America some people are concerned about the long-term effects of the Japanese disaster. Our officials keep telling us not to worry because radiation levels are too low. Really? Didn’t it occur to them that the time to worry is now, while the levels are low? It is overly obvious that the Japanese have a serious problem. Radiation is polluting their land, their food, and the ocean. Any product shipped from Japan is likely contaminated.

There are plenty of news stories downplaying the danger of Japanese radiation in America.  I have selected a few articles, and listed them at the bottom of this article to illustrate my point. Right now, we probably aren’t in much danger. The real concern should be the long-term effects. This situation is far from over. The effects will last for years.

Airport radiation detectors are picking up radiation on tourists coming to America from Japan. I suppose we shouldn’t worry about that, at least ourgovernment officials tell us that. Would you want to be riding in an Airplane with contaminated people?

Drinking water in America is being contaminated by Japanese radiation. Cow’s milk is also contaminated. Sure, the levels are really low and aren’t much of a problem, not yet. So how long before it becomes a problem, and then what? Shouldn’t we be considering what to do once our officials decide that the contamination is significant? Radiation is still leaking in Japan. This will only get worse.

Japan is concerned about radiation in their food supply, and for good reason. They have placed bans on growing crops in contaminated soil. Duh! Concerns are also rising about the contaminated water leaking into the ocean getting into the fish, which Japan desperately needs to feed its people. Duh, again!

American companies realize that products coming from Japan can be contaminated, so some of them are screening imports for contamination. Shouldn’t that be done before they get here? Why wait till the poison is here? What then, we ship it back to Japan? Nope, this is pure publicity to quell American fears. You can bet that even if they find contaminated products in America, they will still sell them. The other option is to shut down all Japanese imports, and that will never happen.

What we need to consider is how prepared we are for a disaster. Also, do we really care what is happening in our world and our food supply? Does it concern you personally that your food could be contaminated? I’m not just talking about radiation either. Our food supply is filled with all types of chemicals and contaminates. People get sick and die every day from bad food. Then there are the GMO’s, which are genetically engineered food. Seriously, do you really trust big corporations with your food? They are profit driven. Of course they will tell you everything is fine. Sit back and relax, we got it under control. Even a blind man can see something is wrong here.

Here is one story about radiation in America:

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Budget Cuts Are A Joke

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Please, our congressmen are total buffoons and so are we if we let them get away with the crap they claim is a budget cut. Seriously? $38.5 billion out of a $4 trillion dollar budget. That is 0.96%. Less than one tenth of one percent. An average family could save that much by not taking the kids to McDonalds. I was hoping for at least a 3% cut. Even that is a drop in the bucket. that would have cut $120 billion from the budget. The Democrats would have died. Even a blind man can see that 0.96% is chump change, and any American who thinks that helps anything is a chump.

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