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Blind Man’s News looks at news and current events from a simplistic and logical perspective.  We tell it like it should be: unbiased and uncompromising news and commentaries are what this blog offers. There are far too many spin factories on the web. We don’t bash the left or the right. We aren’t liberal or conservative. We are Americans who care about common sense. We know that there is no solution which works for everyone. Utopia does not exist, nor can we create it.

Let’s get real America. Whatever one person gains, another person loses. It’s all give and take. There are only so many dollars to go around. It’s time we understand that in the real world nobody gets what they want all the time. If we are unwilling to see the common sense solutions that made America great, we are doomed to fail. To this cause, we dedicate this blog.

Even a blind man can see the truth when the hype and prejudice are removed.

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