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December 25, 2010

Unemployment At Least 15.1 Million

The unemployment numbers around the United States are not getting better. Businesses are not creating jobs, and unemployment benefits are running out for many. How do we maintain an economy when the 15.1 million run out of unemployment and still can’t find jobs? That will mean billions of dollars no longer circulating in the economy.

Unemployment is a trap just like the old welfare system. Our government is not creating jobs. It should be obvious that the controlling forces in Washington have no idea how to create jobs. History has examples of how to get the jobs moving. Unfortunately, that means the Democrats will have to utilize Republican tactics to make any significant improvements. This will not happen because the Democratic leadership won’t allow it. Their idea of by-partisanship is having the Republicans support their agenda.

What I don’t understand is why the Democratic leadership hasn’t resorted to “New Deal” techniques to create jobs. As much as I hate big government, I had much rather see people working on government sponsored jobs than sitting at home drawing unemployment. Unemployment is a dead-end money pit. If all that money was funneled into government jobs that accomplished actual work, our country would be getting something for the investment. Roosevelt had the foresight to see this. I know, conservatives attack the New Deal as a bad deal. In many ways, it was,but I think we can all agree that paying someone to sit at home is much worse than paying someone to build and improve our nation’s infrastructure.

Of course, the better option is to give private companies incentaves to hire new employees. Give them a tax credit for every job they create which lasts more then a year. Also, loosen the regulations, and make it easier to hire and keep employees. Number one should be suspending that “scary” healthcare overhaul for 2 more years. Companies are very reluctant to hire employees when their tax and benefits burdens are unknown.

OK Washington. Let’s see some real job creation.


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