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June 16, 2011

Ann Coulter. Deceived, Demented, or Demonic

Ann Coulter

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Well, I must admit that I was a fan of Ann Coulter even though I have disagreed with some of her views. Today was the tipping point. I am no longer a fan. I am now trying to determine if she is just deceived like most people, especially self-proclaimed Christians, or if she may be demented. Of course, she could just be demonic. Today she wrote a column which attacked Ron Paul‘s statements about our government staying out of the business of marriage. I wrote about this in a previous blog entry. She is expressing the same opinions as most main-stream Christians. If you don’t agree with her views, then you can’t be a conservative or a Christian. She, as well as most Christians, have been convinced that they are doing God‘s work by trying to rid the world of sin. One of their primary crusades is the war on homosexual rights. I challenge Ms. Coulter or anyone else to show me in the Bible where Christians are given the orders to force religious views onto a free people. Come on, hit me with it.


I am not worried because you won’t find it. I have written several articles about this topic. Unlike Ms. Coulter, I am a Christian that completely understands my mission. When Christians “force” people to follow their doctrine, God is not pleased. The Bible makes it very clear that choosing to follow God is a “choice.” This is what Ron Paul was pointing out, and he has it right. As he so eloquently stated, “You can’t legislate morality.” Right on Rep. Paul! I coined that exact phrase when I was in the ninth grade back in 1967. I even wrote that phrase on my shirt pocket liner (I was a nerd). Even then, I was praying for knowledge and understanding from God. What is the mission of a Christian? Can any of you self-proclaimed Christians and conservatives tell me? I will tell you what it isn’t:


God did not ordain ministers and charge missionaries with the task of imposing His will, or their interpretation of His will, onto the world. If you believe that you have God’s permission to pass laws which limit people’s freedom of choice, you are definitely deceived. Let me enlighten you if possible. When a government, or group of people, pass laws that try to force morality issues on the public, what you will get is a lot of immoral law breakers. Not only that, by doing so, reason and choice are taken out of the argument. What we are left with is a bunch of pissed-off people who don’t understand why they are being persecuted by other people. This is not God’s way to win converts.


How do you suppose Ms. Coulter would feel if homosexuals eventually gain a majority in Washington and pass laws that ban heterosexual relationships? Yeah, I get it. Christians aren’t worried because that will never happen. But humor me please. How do you think heterosexuals would feel? Let me speculate that they will be pissed, and they will feel abused. Now you know how the gays feel. No person has the God-given right to pass laws that regulate “moral” behavior. End of argument. Ron Paul wins the debate.

Now, what is the consequence of people assuming that God wants them to pass such laws, and they work very hard to make it happen? Well, God doesn’t approve of that, so nothing good can come of it. God gave us all a choice to follow His path or not. No one can force anyone to follow that path, not even God. Yes I did. I said not even God can force someone to follow His path. How do I know? When He created humans, he gave us “free will.” I am sure that most people have heard of that. Since God gave us free will, no law will ever undo that, so we all may as well get over it. If people want to be gay and get married, the rest of us ought to stay out of it. Our mission, as Christians, is to provide an example for sinners by living a Bible oriented life. The problem is that very few Christians live in a way that sinners would want to emulate. Heck, most Christians commit more sins than the so-called “heathen.” Why do you think Christianity is in decline and is hated by so many people. From where I sit, all I see is a bunch of self-righteous trouble makers who think that everyone ought to live by their rules.

That is not Christianity, and it never will be. Anyone who understands the point I am making has a chance of receiving God’s blessings. Christianity today is a product of Satan and is administered by Satan. He is the God of this world, and most people bow down to him. Jesus warned us that a false Christianity would take over the entire world, except for a few of God’s chosen who understand. He also said that the deceived would be blinded to the truth. So maybe I am spitting into the wind here. I am 100% in favor of honoring God’s decision to give us all free will, and so should ever other freedom loving person.

Heads up. I am reading Ann Coulter’s latest book, Demonic. I have issues with it already. Look for my ongoing rants in the near future.


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