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April 13, 2011

French Advise People to Avoid Milk and Some Food

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A French research agency is advising pregnant women and children to avoid milk, rain water, and certain foods for fear of radiation contamination. The radiation levels measured are high enough to be dangerous according to them. Similar finding have been reported in America, though no safety concerns have been voiced by the government. People need to research this themselves and decide whether to drink contaminated milk and water or not. The truth is that no level of ingested radiation is safe. Exposure to radiation is one thing, but ingesting radiation is another. I used to work in the nuclear industry. We were very careful not to ingest radioactive particles. once inside your body, the radiation is released constantly until the particles die out, which can take a lifetime. Imagine being in a low level X-ray for the rest of your life. I will keep you posted on this.
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