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December 9, 2010

Bush Tax Cuts and Jobs

President Obama has sided with  the Republicans on extending the Bush tax cuts for all Americans. I am not surprised, but I really expected more from both parties. This was a perfect opportunity for the Democrats to score big with the American people by denying the tax cuts for wealthier Americans and tying tax breaks to job creation instead.

The Republicans keep ranting that rich investors and wealthy Americans are the job creators. This is true, so why not give these people tax credits for creating jobs instead of a built-in break. By taking away the tax break and replacing it with a more lucrative tax credit, there would be great incentive to create jobs by investing money to keep the government from taking it.

I would like to see this plan worked into the tax laws for 2011. It is too late for 2010. The President missed an opportunity to win points with the middle class and poor while freeing the wealthy to get back to the business of making money and jobs. I am not surprised. The President has been great at playing politics, but pathetic at leadership. We need the job building incentives that are directly tied to creating jobs. Does anyone in Washington get that? Apparently not.


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